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11 Entries
Dr. Kyle Oleynik Email

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I have had the pleasure of hearing your music twice now at The Sportsman and can't wait until the next time. Your music really takes me back to a time when music was at its best and I thank you for that. You all do a wonderful job, especially Leslie and Bo. I wish you could add some doo wop to your show. Looking forward to the next trip back in time. P.S. Leslie's mom is a trip!! [biggrin]


You all were fabulous!  Thank you for making our daughter's wedding reception a fun and energetic celebration!  You promised that no one would stay seated, and you were right.  Our guests danced all night long.  The music was great, and the energy never left the room.  Many thanks! 


Klaxton Brown is a highly energetic, entertaining band who gets people up on their feet dancing in no time! We enjoyed listening to their wide range of music and left our event knowing everyone of all age groups had a blast!! Thank you Klaxton Brown!!
Julie Mills

Perry & Sharon Templin 


Hay Hay I say there

You know when you go out to hear a new group for the first time thinking you at lease have a 50% chance of not having a wasted night.

Well after hearing Klaxton Brown first song my wife and I knew that we going to have 200% GREAT night.

Needless to say they had blown away the Affair at the Square at South Hill VA.   

They were already simply fabulous and then Lesley Harris laid out the one form Whitney Houston from the Body Guard that completely brought down the house.

If you ever see Klaxton Brown advertised to play GO you know your be well pleased.



I attended your show at the winery Saturday evening.  You guys and Lady, are the best band I've seen in a while.  I enjoyed myself and your performance, and hope to see you perform again soon.

Craig Morehead 

Hi Bo,
Wow......what a night!!!  I hope you and the group had as much fun as we did at our daughter's wedding reception.  You did a great job and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Thanks for allowing me to join you; yes, I do realize that I need to keep my "day job."

I am finding it more challenging to "hang with those young folks," but will continue trying as long as I'm able.

Best wishes and I hope we can join forces again soon!
Craig Morehead



Hi Bo,


I can’t thank you and the rest of Klaxton Brown enough for making our wedding reception so memorable! Somehow you managed to get guests of all ages on the dance floor and kept it going all night. All our guests raved about the band, and I had at least five people ask me how I found you. You guys are fantastic, and I will 100% recommend you to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much for putting on a great show! It was a pleasure working with you.


Best regards,


Holly R. 

Klaxton Brown is SO fun. Every single one of their band members is immensely talented. We had them for our sorority's Parents' Formal and our parents had a BLAST. They got everyone up and dancing for every song. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks Klaxton Brown!! 



Lady and Gents,

I cannot thank you enough, or sing your praises enough. My daughter's wedding reception was a smashing hit with everyone who attended. Your band was fantastic and the music made the night.

You guys are great and I will absolutely recommend you to anyone who asks. Thanks so much for putting on such a good show. We loved it!!

Kindest regards,


Bo Email

Hello Everyone
If you got to experience Klaxton Brown we want you to get Klaxtonized and sign our guest book. Please tell all your friends and acquaintances about the experience and maybe we'll see you at our next show. Until we meet again Love that Funky Music!